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Westwood Missionary Baptist Church of Winter Haven, Florida has ministered to both the local and global community through worldwide outreach missions for many years. Heavily involved in the work of propagating the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world, Westwood has averaged sending out one new missionary family a year from its church for the past three-and-a-half decades. There are now missionaries sent out by Westwood who are serving on six continents.

The year 2008 began a new chapter in ministry of Westwood, with the founding of the Westwood School of Missions, dedicated to training both prospective and veteran missionaries with challenging, graduate level classes, practical advice from seasoned, experienced teachers and guest speakers, and on the field training with the Missionary Practicum Internship Program – if you are a serious student of the Bible and feel the call of the Lord into the area of foreign mission work, Westwood may be the place for you!

As of June 2019, Westwood School of Missions is a full member of the American Baptist Association of Theological Schools, receiving accreditation from ABATS.

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