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On-Campus Training Program

Westwood School of Missions is a six-month study including four months of on-campus study as well as an 8-week internship on the field, under the direction of a veteran foreign missionary. The four months spent on campus at Westwood will consist of 4 units, each 4 weeks in length. They are as follows:

Unit One: Missionary Prep

There is considerable groundwork needed to prepare for the warfare that missionaries will face on the mission field. An unprepared soldier who marches into battle is asking for defeat. Unit one of Westwood’s Program focuses on Biblical and foundational principles that will help prepare missionaries for their service for the Lord.

Unit two: Missionary development

“Developing the skills needed to be effective in the ministry to which God has called you” is the main focus of this unit of study. Veteran missionaries are called in to teach various subjects so that missionaries can grow in practical skills and spirituality.

Unit three: Missionary advancement

Missionaries shouldn’t just survive on the mission field, they should thrive! Yet many servants of God are just barely keeping their head above water. This unit will focus on the growth and progress of the mission ministry as well as the personal advancement of the missionaries in their lives – physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Unit four: Missionary mastery

You may have heard of missionaries such as William Carey, Hudson Taylor and Adoniram Judson who lived, not to make a name for themselves, but for the Lord, and they made a difference in the lives of thousands who converted to Christ. You too can make a difference and have a tremendous impact in whatever the Lord has called you to do. We are called, not to be average servants, but to become our very best for the Lord’s work. Unit four: Missionary Mastery will present courses that will help you achieve that goal and master your craft to become everything that the Lord wants you to be!

Unit five: Missionary practicum

Unit five of the School of Missions is the Missionary Practicum internship program, which consists of two months of on-the-field training on a foreign mission field.  The internship will be customized for each student and built around the schedule of the student and the missionary with whom they will intern. The eight weeks spent under the direction and supervision of a veteran missionary will provide the practical training that is so needed, yet unavailable almost anywhere else in a Bible training and educational environment.

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