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Construction News of New School Building

We are excited to announce that after over a year of county meetings, engineering, and government red tape, we have finally broken ground on the new Westwood School of Missions building. The county fire chief has required that we build a new road, including a 50-foot culvert before beginning construction, and that is what you see in this photo. Dirt has been hauled in for the foundation, and contracted labor for the footer, plumbing, and slab has begun. This new building will have a large lecture hall, computer lab and secondary classroom space, school offices, an audio/video recording studio, and a large reception area. In addition to those features, the building will also house the pastor’s office, the headquarters for the ABA Disaster Relief Ministry, and the Westwood Missions office, where over 1.5 million dollars is disbursed to missionaries worldwide on an annual basis.

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