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Westwood School of Missions Video Blog # 1

Westwood School of Missions Video Blog 001

Hi! This is Bro. Danny Jones for the Westwood School of Missions. Right now, I’m here in beautiful, sunny Florida, where Westwood has built a missionary complex of dozens of homes and apartments. AND we’re working on a new building that will house the school and studio for online recording. We’ve been working really hard this past year to get top quality courses and content on the web for our new online missionary training program. As missionaries, we realize that it’s pretty tough for folks to always pick up and come to classes here at our Winter Haven, Florida campus, so we’re bringing the campus to you! I want you to check out our all new website at! And for you missionaries out there, there’s a FREE course on Deputation and Fund Raising taught by Bro. Doug Wiersema on our online courses page. Just register and view the course now for free. Our software is compatible with your Mac, PC or mobile device. I’ll be uploading more courses soon, so check back for more content. This summer, we’ll be busy getting classes ready in both English and Spanish. Don’t forget, our Fall Semester begins for our On-Campus program on October 17. If you’re ready to reach out to the world with the love of Jesus Christ, Westwood School of Missions might just be the place for you!

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